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Serving the hurting and hungry of Northwest Arkansas with dignity and compassion


Encouraging all who enter our doors to find Hope and experience positive life change


To do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8)


Hunger Is Real In NWA

When most people think of Northwest Arkansas, they tend to think of this region as a land of “economic prosperity,” a perception that is due to the economic growth associated with large NWA company hubs such as Walmart, Tyson Foods and JB Hunt. While this is indeed true, there is also a growing divide between those who are prospering in our community and those who are not.

Although not always well-publicized, the facts are clear:

  • Washington and Benton Counties are ranked second and third in Arkansas as counties with the highest number of persons living in poverty.
  • One out of every four children in Northwest Arkansas faces hunger or food insecurity on a regular basis.
  • Arkansas sadly leads the nation with 25% of its elderly facing risk for hunger, in comparison to the national average of 16%.

Sharing Hope And Love

At Samaritan Community Center, we are called by Scriptures to care for those in need throughout our community and to share Hope in what is often a dark world. We choose to do this by providing a loving environment in which every person who enters our doors is treated with dignity and respect. We don’t just want to quickly offer a bag of groceries or a piece of clothing and watch them leave. We want to serve in a way that goes well beyond expectations, making sure that grace and mercy abound in all that we say AND all that we do.

That is why … we offer our clients the opportunity to “shop” in our food pantry and select the food items that meet their families’ needs.

That is why … we serve our clients in our Café rather than ask them to go through a serving line.

That is why … we provide our clients clothing vouchers so they can shop at our resale stores to find something they like, not just what they need.

Because we know … It’s the smallest of details that sometimes make the largest impact.

We encourage you learn more about the Samaritan Community Center and our programs and to Get Involved in changing lives!


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