Build Now

Why Build Now?

Our current facility is a 50+ year old remodeled chicken hatchery with a myriad of ongoing maintenance and operational issues related to the building’s age and facility overuse. Our plan is to build a new 40,000 square foot building in southern Rogers with an adjoining 4-acre farm.

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Breaking Barriers

Making the Difference

Beacon of Hope


What makes the Samaritan Community Center stand out among other feeding organizations?

  • Dignity, compassion, and relationship are the central components by which we serve others.
  • Food justice means access to nutritious foods which are sustainably grown in our garden.
  • Providing “wraparound services” to our clients allows us to address their physical, emotional, and financial needs to promote lasting change.
  • Our Faith calls us to love and serve our neighbors like Jesus.

Why does the Samaritan Community Center need a new facility?

  • We want to create a safe and beautiful space where the Northwest Arkansas community can come together and collaboratively encourage and support our client families. Working together we can help remove many of the barriers to their potential success while helping the valued and respected.
  • Current programs cannot grow due to the building being at maximum capacity. With 30-35 newcomers moving to NWA every day, additional capacity will be needed for 350 new families each year.
  • Our current facility is a 50+ year old chicken hatchery that has been retrofitted and ill-equipped to deal with the current demands of our programs.
  • Repairs and maintenance costs continue to increase as major systems and equipment age.
  • Temperature-controlled and cold storage is required so we can accept large-scale perishable food donations.

What lessons did we learn from COVID-19 pandemic?

  • We don’t quit. We never give up on our mission to serve the hurting and hungry. No matter what life throws our way, we are determined to serve well in the face of all challenges.
  • Our strength in volunteer support, financial sustainability, and organizational structure allowed us to thrive even as we served a record number of families and a systemic change for our community at-large.
  • Many NWA families are just one negative incident/experience away from a financial crisis. Potentially doubling the 12% classified as living under the Federal poverty level.

What is the building project budget?

  • Main campus site prep/utilities = $1,200,000
  • Main campus construction construction = $11,300,000
  • Garden site construction = $800,000
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment = $1,500,000

Where is the new campus located?

  • On two 4-acre parcels of land located on HWY 71B in south Rogers between Pleasant Grove Road and Laurel Road adjacent to Fellowship Bible Church property.
  • This location is also on a current bus route (and convenient to I-49) which provides easy access to clients from across the region.
  • See Google maps location at bottom of page.

How is the organization currently being funded?

  • Our funding stream is diverse which adds strength and sustainability to our annual operating budget of $4.2 million. Our budget breakdown is as follows, 1/3 from donations from families, businesses, and churches, 1/3 from foundation grants, and 1/3 from the profits of our thrift stores.
  • Our overhead percentage is consistently 10% or less.
  • Our annual food and product in-kind donations are $1.3 million (in addition to our operational funding).

How will the new programs and program expansions be funded?

  • Our long-term sustainability plan includes new, innovative ways to obtain funding as well as cost containment and reduction measures.
  • We will become a Medicaid provider to fill the current service gap in NWA and to offset costs in our dental, optical, and counseling programs.
  • Our Snackpacks for Kids program will double its Snackpacks Plus program to generate funding through corporate-sponsored team building events.
  • Our garden will become an urban farm growing food and flowers for sale to local businesses and individuals.
  • Repairs, utilities and insurance costs will stabilize or decrease due to the new facility and equipment as well as modernization (energy efficiency, solar power, sprinkler, and security systems).


Your generosity matters! Your support for the construction of our new campus and farm will make a positive difference in the lives of the families we serve!

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