Summer break is starting to wind down, but Samaritan Kids are gearing up for back to school. Getting kids equipped for the school year can be a huge strain on parents who are already living paycheck to paycheck. A backpack filled with school supplies can end up costing parents an average of $150 per child. This price tag can lead to some children showing up on the first day of school without basic supplies. The BackPacks for Kids program has come to the rescue to help local kids feel confident before the first bell rings!

BackPacks for Kids Coordinator, Shannon Green shares,

“We have teachers who have shared stories about children who were two to three weeks into the school year before it was known that they didn’t have access to needed supplies. We believe it is critically important for children to be fully prepared that very first day of school. It helps them have a positive start to their learning experience.”

Mom Testimonials –

Jennifer expressed her appreciation,

“It’s amazing what the Samaritan Community Center has done for us. I’m not sure where I would have gotten the help for all of my children. I have four kids, and without help they wouldn’t have all the school supplies they need. I know they wouldn’t! I’m just so thankful!”

Elisha shared her relief,

“I have a 14 year old daughter, a 12 year old daughter and a 10 year old daughter. We are very blessed in this area to have the programs that we do. Without the Samaritan Community Center there would be people out there who wouldn’t be able to provide for their families. My oldest daughter is about to be in high school and she asked me, “how are we supposed to get school supplies this year?” At the time I just didn’t know. I came to the Samaritan Center and I found out about the backpacks program. That day I got to go home and tell my daughter she was going to get a backpack with school supplies. She looked at me and just took a deep breath. Thank goodness because we were all very worried about that. It’s taken a huge burden off of our family.”

It makes a huge difference for children to start the school year off right with new supplies and a fresh backpack. It allows them to take a “deep breath” and know they don’t have to ask to borrow a pencil or piece of paper. BackPacks for Kids equips students from day one so they can proudly use their own supplies and focus on their education.