Nicholas Vecchio woke up one day and he knew the Peace Corps was calling his name. He just felt inspired to serve in some way. Nicholas said, “My whole purpose for joining the Peace Corps was because I believe that the best thing you can do in life is to live beyond the self and having a greater commitment to serve.”

When he got the packet of health requirements to join it was time for Nicholas to get busy in making doctor and dental appointments. He started doing some research on free dental clinics. He was an uninsured adult and funds were limited. He has been living on his own since he was 14 with no outside financial support. In his case having dental insurance was not a high priority. During his search Nicholas was looking for a dental clinic that would be compassionate about his journey into the Peace Corps. Samaritan Dental Clinic welcomed him with open arms!

Once Nicholas goes overseas he’s only allowed one dental visit during his 27 month service. Samaritan Dental Clinic made it a priority to make sure he was going to be ready for his service in the Peace Corps. Not only did the dental clinic clean his teeth, they gave him information on how to maintain his oral health during his time out of the country, and provided him with plenty of toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes.

“Prior to coming here I didn’t know much about dental health. I have been living in an independent fashion or on my own in some capacity since I was fourteen. [Dental hygiene] has never been a priority in my life; however, I got the motivation from the Peace Corps to fill out all these clearances. It empowered me to seek out these services. Consequently the wonderful thing about coming here was that they offered as much education as they did services. While they were doing everything, they were explaining all of the processes and procedures in simple English so I could understand it. They were very empowering!” -Nicholas Vecchio

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