Blog by Executive Director, Debbie Rambo

That Friday morning was just your typical Friday morning when the phone call came in. A client of ours called wanting to speak with one of the social workers. She explained she had a unique request; she wanted to know if we would consider giving her a discount on a wedding dress from the Samaritan Shop in Rogers. She was a single mom whose father was terminally ill. She wanted to marry her children’s dad in a “real wedding dress” and for her own father to be able to see it. She was actually at the store and was trying the dress on when she called!

We checked in our system and discovered that this particular client came occasionally but not frequently. She worked but at a lower paying job. I called the manager at Samaritan Shop, shared with her the details of the phone call, and encouraged her to follow her instincts when interacting with the young woman. A half hour later, the manager called back telling me it was the most compelling story she had heard in some time, the dress fit the young lady like it was tailor-made for her, and the she just GAVE her the dress! By the time we got off the phone, we were both crying tears of joy for this family.