It is true a picture is worth a thousand words.

As she was discussing a client’s (we’ll call him Jim) ongoing struggle with homelessness recently, our Springdale Lead Social Worker, Martha Newman, shared with the staff a moment of impact she experienced.

Martha related that, even after 12 years, Jim has never fully recovered after hurricane Katrina. Jim works day labor jobs enough to sustain himself but told Martha he’s just not been the same since losing his stability after the hurricane. Said Martha, “It reminded me how real the remnants of grief can be long after traumatic events have come and gone.”

Martha went on to share that during their meeting Jim noticed that the face on one of Martha’s desk drawers had fallen off.  “Next thing I knew,” said Martha, “Jim has gone out to his truck (where he lives), brought in tools, and proceeded to fix my drawer right then and there! It was a powerful moment of reciprocity.”

At Samaritan Community Center our clients need to feel the dignity of being the givers too and of us (staff and volunteers) being the receivers. SCC is grateful to be able to help clients like Jim regain their dignity, and HOPE for better days to come.